At the moment I am working on different game projects. Maybe some you can download soon as freeware.

EGSL Shooter 1945


The Shooter1945 is based upon a tutorial by Asterios Gkoutmas for the NaaLaa language.
It was ported to EGSL by Markus Mangold who also added some sound effects.
It is released under the GPL 2. Have a look at the COPYING document.
Binaries for Win32, Linux 32 and 64 bit are included in one ZIP file. (The source of course, too.)
Graphics are from the SpriteLibGPL from Ari Feldman, Sounds are from various locations, Lizard.mod from the sdlBasic
Starting menu is mouse driven.
Use the arrow keys to move you plane. Shooting with Left CTRL.
F - toggles fullscreen.
P - pauses game.

Here you can download the zip file with binaries for all supported platforms:

TinyIDE for EGSL

I am currently implementing an IDE for EGSL. The screenshot shows you what to expect.
The IDE is so far finished and part of the download package.


Armageddon Fort

Will be a Fort Apocalypse clone. Maybe with some elements of choplifter. Still in early stages.